Francine Parker Biography

Francine Parker

Francine Parker, EdD, MSN, RN

Francine Parker received an ADN (1976) and BSN (1979) from Troy University Montgomery and MSN from UAB in 1988. Her doctorate in the department of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology at Auburn University was awarded in 2004. When Governor Bentley appointed Francine Parker to the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN) 4 years ago, she became the first Auburn University faculty member to earn a seat on the Board. Now, as the ABN celebrates its 100th year, Parker has the honor of serving as Board President and working to accomplish our primary mission, to promote the safety and welfare of the public.

Serving on the Board and now as President has added much responsibility to Parker’s already full plate. In addition to her teaching duties, she has been the Associate Dean of the Auburn School of Nursing since June 2014, which will transition to a permanent position in Fall 2015. Although an administrative appointment is accompanied by substantial increase in responsibility, Parker has embraced the leadership role and is able to connect practice to theoretical foundations within the Leadership and Management course she teaches to senior students. “I believe the leadership skills developed over the 35 years of my nursing career, in practice and academia, have prepared me well for the role of Board President and Associate Dean. It is good for our students to see me actively involved in such an important agency as the Board. Role modeling life-long learning illustrates for students that faculty do not just talk the talk, but we are committed to service in our areas of expertise.”

Parker began her career in nursing in 1976, joined the Auburn Montgomery School of Nursing in 1994, and became Auburn School of Nursing faculty in 2006, where she plans to stay until retirement, many years down the road.