Alabama Nursing Resource Center

What is the Alabama Nursing Resource Center (ANRC) and when did it start?

The ANRC is physically located at the office of the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN). The ANRC does not have its own website. Instead, the ANRC web page is linked directly from the ABN website. The ANRC is a place where Alabama nurses may come for information, education, and resources regarding nursing in Alabama. Plans for the ANRC started in April 2015, with the appointment of Peggy Benson, RN, MSHA, MSN, NE-BC, as the new Executive Officer. The first dedicated ANRC Board Staff member started in October 2015.

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Is the ANRC part of the Board of Nursing?

Yes. Article 3 Continuing Education of the Nurse Practice Act authorizes the Board to provide programs, seminars, and workshops for nursing continuing education in order for nurses to be educated to provide safe nursing care to Alabama citizens.

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Is it possible to earn CE in the ANRC?

Yes. Online courses will be available.

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May I submit information for the CE Audit or otherwise access my Individual CE Record in the ANRC?

Yes, you may submit information into your Individual CE Record using “My Profile” – Click Here

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Will the ANRC come to my facility to provide CE?

Yes. The ANRC will provide a speaker to speak on regulatory issues that affect nurses.

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For what types of regulatory issues will the ANRC provide a speaker?

Scope and standards of practice, disciplinary concerns, specialty nursing such as school nursing or SANE, documentation, medication administration, substance use, and diversion are popular topics. The ANRC also addresses nursing students regarding the licensure application processes.

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What is available for Nursing Graduate Students in the ANRC?

The ANRC serves as a resource for the graduate student who may wish to complete clinical components of the graduate program at the ABN. The ANRC will also work with students to develop and disseminate educational information to nurses throughout the state. Practice and regulatory research topics will also be identified if a student wishes to complete a graduate research project in conjunction with the ABN.

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