The scholarship monies are allocated to the Board from the Alabama Education Trust Fund on a fiscal year basis (October 1 through September 30). Due to changes in the law relating to nursing scholarships, we will not know the exact number of awards and the amount of each for the Fiscal Year until all applications are received.

If you are interested and are able to meet the requirements for a graduate nursing scholarship, we encourage you to proceed with the application. Completed applications must be received in the Board office on or before the due date to be considered.

The announcement of scholarship recipients will be released after the September Board meeting.

For more information, see Chapter 610-X-11, Graduate Nursing Scholarships


To be eligible to receive a scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Have been a resident of Alabama for a period of at least one (1) year preceding application. Two (2) proofs of residency are required and must include your name, a physical Alabama address (post office boxes are not acceptable).
  • Have an active, unencumbered Alabama Registered Nurse (RN) license.
  • Be a person of good character.
  • Submit a complete electronic application on or before the deadline date. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all of the required information is received by the deadline.
  • Have been admitted to an accredited graduate program within the state of Alabama seeking a graduate degree.

  • During the year of funding (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017), recipient must attend school for at least six (6) hours each semester (8 hours per quarter) for no fewer than two (2) consecutive semesters.
  • Prior to October 17 of the year of study, recipient must submit a signed promissory note and an agreement to fulfill obligations.
  • Recipient must keep the Board informed of the status of the above conditions and must immediately inform the Board in the event of failure to comply with the conditions.
  • Applicants must agree to teach nursing full-time at an Alabama college or university or practice in a nursing position in Alabama for at least two (2) years immediately following graduation.
  • The Board, at its discretion and for just cause shown, may modify or extend the conditions on an individual basis.


Step by Step Instructions for the Scholarship Application:

  1. The application is completely electronic this year. To login to the application, you must enter your license number and password.
  2. You must read the requirements checklist and select each box signifying your consent/signature. Then you may select SAVE AND CONTINUE TO APPLICATION.
  3. Scholarship Application tab: Contact information will be prepopulated.
    • You may EDIT the prepopulated information if needed.
    • Enter all education information and answer the questions listed.

    Select SAVE to return to the application later or SAVE AND NEXT to continue with the application.

  4. Questions tab: You must submit responses for the following:
    • Five (5) brief essay questions which must be a minimum of 50 characters. Select SAVE AND NEXT after each section.
    • Employment history for the last five years. Select SAVE AND NEXT after each section.
    • Post high school education history, and any academic or professional honors or awards.
      • To add a new record, select NEW.
      • If you do not have any academic or professional honors or awards to add, select NEW and type “N/A” into the field.

    Select SAVE to return to the application later or SAVE AND NEXT to continue with the application.

  5. Documents tab: Electronically upload required supporting documentation:

    Select SAVE to return to the application later or SAVE AND NEXT to continue with the application.
    For more information regarding residency requirements and electronic document uploading, see the Frequently Asked Questions below

  6. Ready to Send tab: Displays each section that is completed with a check box and each section that is not complete.
    • All sections must be complete before you can submit your application.
    • Once your application has all sections marked as complete (all boxes are checked), select SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION.


A complete application includes:

  • Completed electronic application, which includes five (5) short-answer questions
  • Two proofs of Alabama residency for at least one year prior to application
  • Active, unencumbered Alabama RN license
  • Proof of graduate program admittance

Apply Here
Enrollment Verification Form.
Check Application Status after you have submitted an application.


July 31: Application Deadline
All applications must be completed and all documents must be deemed received and accepted by 11:59pm Central time.
September 30: Award Notification Date
Applications will be considered by the Board at the September meeting. Scholarship recipients will be notified via email regarding whether or not they were chosen by September 30.


In order to satisfy the conditions of the receipt of the Graduate Nursing Scholarship, recipients must have the nursing employer verify employment in Alabama as a professional nurse or nursing instructor for two (2) years following completion of the graduate degree.

Completed employment verifications must be submitted to the ABN by the scholarship recipient. For faster processing, you may mail the completed form to the address noted on the form, or email the completed form to, Attention: Finance.

Professional Nurse Employment Verification
Nursing Instructor Employment Verification


Application FAQs

Application FAQ

How do I prove that I have been a resident of Alabama for at least one (1) year prior to submitting a scholarship application?

Items which demonstrate Alabama residency include:

Alabama Driver License (Issue or expiration date) Federal tax return
Automobile tag receipt State of Alabama tax return
Voter registration card Automobile insurance card
Bank statement Utility bill (gas, power, water, cable)
Cell phone bill


The dates must fall between the dates stated on the Application in order for them to be considered valid.

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How do I electronically upload the required supporting documentation to complete the application?

To electronically upload documents:

  1. Repeat this action until all documents are attached.
  2. Select the document type and then select a file for download.
    • If you need to delete a document, select the “X” next to the document.
  3. If you want to view a document, select “Download/View.”
  4. Once you’ve uploaded your files:
    • Confirm (click to check the box) that your documents meet the requirements.
  5. The Certificate of Admission to Graduate Study is provided via an orange link in the center of the page (in case you did not print it out previously).

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May I turn in an acceptance letter instead of a enrollment verification form?

No. If you do not turn in a completed enrollment verification form that is signed by the registrar, your application will be declined.

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What is the deadline date that I must have my completed application submitted?

You must have a completed application submitted on or before 11:59pm, July 31, to be eligible for consideration.

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General Graduate Nursing Scholarship FAQs

General Graduate Nursing Scholarship FAQ

Are scholarships available for an ADN to BSN?

No. The only scholarships available are related to graduate nursing degrees (master’s degree or higher).

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May I apply if I am already pursuing a DNP or PhD in Nursing?

Yes, because a doctorate is a graduate degree, and it is in nursing.

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If I have already received a graduate degree, may I use it to pay off student loans?

No, the scholarships are for those currently enrolled in school that have not yet graduated and have at least two semesters left.

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May I still apply if I am enrolled in an out of state graduate nursing program?

Yes, you may apply but preference is given to individuals pursuing a graduate degree from an Alabama school.

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Do you have other scholarships?

No, the Board only administers the Graduate Nursing Scholarship as mandated by law, and with funding as appropriated by the Alabama Legislature.

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If I’ve previously received a graduate scholarship from the Alabama Board of Nursing, may I receive another one?

Yes. Scholarships may be awarded for multiple years of graduate study. However, you must apply and submit all documents each time you apply for a scholarship. For example, if you received a scholarship last year, you must re-apply and provide all required documents again.

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Will you accept the enrollment verification form if registrar signs and dates it after the application deadline date?

No. You will need to ensure that the registrar’s office has enough time to sign and date the form and return it to yo,u so that you can upload the form before deadline date.

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When am I able to apply for the graduate scholarship?

The application process starts July 1st.

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Post-Award Requirements FAQs

Post-Award Requirements FAQ

May I work part-time after graduation and still meet the employment requirement?

No. Nurses specializing in education must work full-time for two (2) years at an accredited Alabama college/university, and nurses specializing in other approved nursing/health care fields must work full-time in a professional nursing capacity in Alabama for two (2) years.

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Am I eligible for the scholarship if I only have one (1) semester left in my graduate program?

No. Our requirements state that you must attend the specified graduate program for a minimum of six (6) academic hours for at least two (2) consecutive semesters during the year of scholarship funding.

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When will I know if I’ve been awarded a scholarship, and how much money will I receive?

The Board decides the number of Graduate Nursing Scholarship recipients and the amount of each scholarship at its September Board meeting.

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May I still apply for the scholarship if I’m not sure that I will be living in Alabama for two (2) years after graduation?

You should carefully consider your ability to comply with Scholarship Conditions, if you were to be awarded one, prior to submitting an application, due to the following:

  • The ABN Administrative Code, Chapter 610-X-11, Graduate Nursing Scholarships,  specifies that qualified candidates must practice professional nursing or serve in the capacity of a nursing instructor in the State of Alabama for two (2) years after completing the graduate degree.
  • The promissory note signed by scholarship recipients outlines these requirements.
  • Failure to satisfy the award requirements may result in the pursuit of disciplinary action upon the RN license, up to and including revocation of the license, and/or discipline-required re-payment of scholarship monies awarded.

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What happens if I take six (6) hours for Fall semester and cannot complete six (6) hours for Spring semester?

If you have received the scholarship funds for Fall semester, you will be legally obligated to repay the money back.

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How will I receive the scholarship money? Will it go directly to my school?

You will receive a check from the Board of Nursing made out to you.

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When should I submit my employment verification verifying that I have met the work requirements outlined in the scholarship agreement/promissory note?

You should submit the employment verification after you have completed two (2) years of Alabama nursing employment. For example, if you graduate in May with a graduate degree and have secured employment as a nursing instructor which begins in the Fall semester following your graduation, you would complete it after working for two (2) years as a nursing instructor.

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What do I need to do to notify the Board that I have completed my graduate degree?

Submit a copy of an official transcript that shows the degree awarded and the date it was completed.

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Loan Repayment

When can I apply for the Loan Repayment Program?

Applications will be accepted until December 31 at 11:59pm Central time. Applications submitted after this time are ineligible and will not be processed.

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What is considered a “Complete Application”?

A “complete application” includes a response to every question (applications with blank answer fields will not be processed), as well as successful uploading of all required supporting documentation. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

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Can I apply for a loan more than once?

Yes. Loans may be awarded for up to three years for a person pursuing a master’s degree and as many as four years for a person pursuing a doctorate. However, funds are limited and there is no guarantee that past participants will be selected again.

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Does the loan automatically renew each year that I am in school?

No. You must repeat the application process each year.

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Who is eligible for the Loan Repayment Program?

Alabama residents who are enrolled full-time in accredited nursing education programs approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing and pursuing graduate degrees to become certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs), certified nurse midwives (CNMs), or certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).

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Who is ineligible for the Loan Repayment Program?

Nurses with encumbered Alabama RN licenses and/or nurses with a significant history of professional misconduct are ineligible. Board Members and staff of the Alabama Board of Nursing are also ineligible for the Loan Repayment Program.

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I already receive financial aid. Am I still eligible for the loan?

Yes. You are still eligible for the Loan Repayment Program, even if you receive other financial aid.

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How are the Loan Repayment Program recipients chosen?

Recipients are chosen by the Board using criteria on the application. Complete applications that are received before the deadline are given equal consideration.

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How can I check the status of my loan application?

You can check the status of your loan application by logging in to My Profile on the Alabama Board of Nursing website at Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to provide individual status updates by phone or email.

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When will I be notified about receiving the loan?

If you are selected as a participant for the Loan Repayment Program, you will be notified by email after the January Board Meeting. You must respond to that email stating whether you plan to accept or decline the loan award. If you choose to accept, you will be given further instructions regarding signing your contract and promissory note, as well as how to register with the State of Alabama, in order to receive your loan monies.

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If I am selected as a participant in the Loan Repayment Program, when will I receive the money?

When you register with the State of Alabama, you will have the option of choosing a Direct Deposit payment or a paper check. Following receipt of all the necessary legal documents, your payment will be processed through the State of Alabama Trust Fund. It may take up to 4-6 weeks to receive the money.

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What is the work repayment requirement for the Loan Repayment Program?

Each loan recipient must repay any loans received by working following graduation in full-time practice as a CRNA, CRNP, or CNM in an area of critical need for eighteen (18) months for EACH YEAR he or she received a loan under the Loan Repayment Program. You will be required to submit regular Employment Verification Forms, in order to ensure compliance with your repayment obligations. Failure to submit the Employment Verification Forms will result in default on your Loan Repayment Program award.

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What is an area of critical need?

An area of critical need is a geographical area in Alabama with a critical need for Advanced-Practice nurses, as determined by the Board. You must designate your area of critical need during the application process, based on the needs of the state at that time. The ABN Administrative Code states: “An area of critical need … shall not be a part of, or within five miles of, an urbanized area, as defined most recently by the U.S. Census Bureau.” Please refer to this map of Alabama – any area at least five miles outside of the purple shaded “urbanized areas” is an area of critical need.

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Once I begin working to repay my loan, can I change my designated area of critical need?

You must have approval from the Board in order to change your designated area of critical need. You will need to fill out a Relocation Request and submit all of the required documentation prior to leaving your original designated area of critical need. If your Relocation Request is approved, you must work full-time in your new area of critical need for a minimum of three years, regardless of how long you worked in your original designated area.

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My employer has offices outside of my designated area of critical need. Does working in those other offices count towards my repayment obligation since it is for the same employer?

No. You must be physically working full-time (36-40 hours per week) within your designated area of critical need to repay your obligations. Failure to do so will result in defaulting on your loan repayment agreement.

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How might I default on my loan repayment agreement?

Circumstances that would cause you to default include, but are not limited to: failure to maintain full-time status in school, failure to complete the graduate nursing program, failure to maintain full-time employment status in your designated area of critical need following graduation, failure to submit required documentation related to school and employment, and failure to work the required time within your designated area of critical need.

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What happens if I default on my loan repayment agreement?

If you default on or otherwise fail to honor your loan repayment agreement for any reason, you will be liable for immediate repayment of the total amount that was awarded to you, plus interest and penalties.

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What disciplinary action might I face if I default on my loan repayment agreement?

Failure to comply with the provisions of any contract or loan repayment agreement is grounds for discipline up to and including revocation of your Alabama nursing license.

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Am I eligible to continue in the program if I go on maternity or medical leave?

Yes, provided the leave is an approved maternity or medical leave and does not result in a change of employment status. The time you spend on leave will not count towards the time owed to repay your loan.

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May I apply for a loan if I have completed my advanced practice education?

Unfortunately, the law, as written, only applies to students pursuing degrees, pursuant to an opinion issued by the Alabama Attorney General’s office. However, the Board plans to petition the Legislature in Spring 2018 to amend the law and extend the Program to those who recently completed their educations, as well.

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How do I determine whether my proposed place of employment is in an Area of Critical Need?

The Rural Health Information Hub offers a helpful locator, Am I Rural?, on its website. Simply enter the physical address of your proposed employment in the ”Search” field; when the search is complete, select “Run Report.” Under “Program Eligibility,” the “CMS – Rural Health Clinics (RHC) Program” field will tell you whether the location is designated as “Rural,” for purposes of the RHC program, which uses the same Census Bureau map as the Alabama Loan Repayment Program for Advanced Practice Nurses.

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