ITT Campus Closure Update – October 20

Oct 20

ITT Campus Closure Update – October 20

Dear ITT Students:

Please review the following information outlining the latest ITT Closure updates:

TRANSCRIPTS: Contact information for Parchment: Direct access to the student support team is at Although the closure of ITT has occurred, the following link is still active and accessible as of today’s date.

Impact of ITT Bankruptcy on accessing Student Records: The latest update from Parchment (October 17, 2016) is attached. It addresses the complications in gaining access to student transcripts due to ITT bankruptcy filed on September 16, 2016.

Nursing Students: Gaining access to student records is now under the direction of the Bankruptcy Trustee and timeline of the bankruptcy process. Parchment sent an email to nursing students on October 12 providing details of this process. If you did not receive the email sent by Parchment on October 12, you will find a copy of this email attached.

In summary, Parchment is a third-part vendor which processes transcripts; Parchment is not legally authorized to change academic records. Prior to bankruptcy ITT successfully set up records that were sent to Parchment for students who completed the final quarter of operations, but not prior to that time. Students experiencing difficulty in receiving an official transcript from ITT are those who completed their coursework prior to the final quarter of operations and whose records were not updated prior to ITT filing bankruptcy.

We continue to look for resolution to the situation, but the filing of bankruptcy has interrupted the process for all states gaining access to records at the campus sites. In the case of Alabama this includes the campuses of Madison, Bessemer, and Mobile. This will not be a quick fix as the first of five (5) hearings scheduled by the court will not conclude until January 11, 2017. In the meantime, we will continue to stay in touch, and encourage you to stay in touch with us.

Nursing students may access the most current information provided by the Alabama Board of Nursing via the following link at

FILING COMPLAINTS: Any student affected by the abrupt closure is entitled to register a complaint with the Office of Consumer Affairs of the Attorney General’s Office as well as the ITT Trustee. You will need to provide written, official documentation to support your grievance on the inability to obtain an official transcript and subsequent consequences: inability to transfer credits to another institution in the absence of official documentation of the coursework successfully completed, approval from the Board of Nursing to take the NCLEX exam, future career goals and employment, financial hardship; etc.

Consumers can file a complaint online by clicking the following link: You can also call the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-392-5658 to request a complaint form be mailed to you.

Contact Information for the Bankruptcy Trustee:
Deborah J. Caruso, ITT Trustee
135 N. Pennsylvania Street; Suite 1400
Indianapolis, IN 46204

1098-T TAX FORM: Former students may need to locate the 1098-T tax form by early next year. This form indicates the amount of tuition paid in order for students to claim a credit/deduction when filing their taxes. For additional 1098-T Form Information visit the following link:

STUDENT LOANS: Students may access information regarding Closed School Loan Discharge, Credit Transfers, History of Oversight and Compliance Actions Against ITT Educational Services, as well as additional ITT Technical Institute Closure Information via the following link at

TRANSFER OF CREDITS: Contacts for Alabama institutions accepting ITT credits for transfer upon evaluation are as follows:

Athens State University
300 N. Beaty Street
Athens, AL
University of West Alabama
Dr. Blake Bedsole
Director of Admissions
U.S. Sport Academy
Robin Dixon, Dept. of Admissions
Southeastern Bible College
Cody Kilgore, Associate Director of Admissions
Virginia College Huntsville
Jesse Johnson, Director of Admissions
Birmingham-Southern College
Sara Newhouse, VP for Admission
Huntsville Bible College
David Faylor, Academic Dean
Southern Union State Community College
Linda North, Dean of Academic Affairs
American Sentinel University
Dr. Karen Whitham, Associate Dean
Virginia College in Mobile
April Martin, Director of Admissions
Virginia College Online
Michelle Anderson, Director of Admissions
Virginia College in Birmingham
Bevin Yeskevicz, Director of Admissions
University of South Alabama
Christopher Lynch, Associate VP of Enrollment Services
Herzing University
Tommy Dennis, Campus President


U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION WEBINARS: No additional webinars have been posted.

Dr. Elizabeth French:
Dr. Ileeia Cobb:

Parchment Email – ITT Tech Record Transfer Update

Parchment Notice – ITT Nursing Transscript