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FAQ - Camp Nursing

Can we maintain stock bottles of OTC medications such as Tylenol and Pepto Bismol for the campers and counselors?

Stock bottles of medication for multiple campers are unacceptable.

Medications must be camper specific and have specific instructions as to when or why such medicines may be necessary.  It is the responsibility of the nurse to determine if the OTC medicine is appropriate and whether a provider order is also necessary.


Our campers go on day field trips.  Can I put the camper’s medication dose that he/she will need to take on the field trip into an individual pill container for the trip?

Repackaging of medications by nurses, other than those who work in Public Health clinics, is a violation of state law.


Will the label on the medication bottle suffice as an order or will I need a written physician order in addition to the labeled bottle/container?

The label will suffice IF

  • The label is legible, properly identified and has the name of the camper
  • The orders are clear regarding the administration of the medication

Am I required to have a license in Alabama to serve as the camp nurse for a week?

If you are receiving compensation for the nursing care, you must have an Alabama nursing license.


Is room and board for me and the allowing of my child to attend without charge considered compensation?

Yes.  Compensation includes services and not just money.


I am a licensed LPN and the only other nurse at the camp will be another LPN.  Is this OK?

The law requires that the nursing care provided by an LPN be under the direction of a registered nurse or physician.


What can I do without a doctor’s direct order?

Without a direct physician order, you can perform basic nursing care such as vital signs and physical assessment.  You can also provide emergency first aid.


What about allowing the camper self administering medication such as insulin, inhalers or OTC medications such as Tylenol?

The camp should have a clear policy regarding self-administration.


If the camper has an allergy to bee stings and carries an Epi-pen, can the counselor administer the Epi-pen or must a nurse always be with the camper?

The camper may be able to self-administer the Epi-pen.  If not, the counselor who has been trained would be able to assist the camper or to administer the emergency injection with the written consent of the parent/guardian and prescriber.


If the camper is a diabetic, can a counselor administer Glucagon on a field trip?

A nurse should administer the Glucagon.


What kind of documentation should I maintain on the campers?

You should maintain documentation that includes but is not limited to:

  • Camper’s medical history including any food or drug allergies
  • Camper’s medication history including any allergies
  • List of medications being taken by each camper
  • Medication Administration Record
  • Record to document any nursing assessment or care provided
  • Emergency consent signed by parent/guardian
  • Name and telephone number of primary care physician
  • Emergency contact information.


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