Alabama Workforce Center

The overarching goal of the Alabama Board of Nursing Leadership Institute (LI) is to create educational opportunities to improve patient care, promote public protection, increase regulatory knowledge, and enhance nursing leadership throughout the state.

Effective nursing leadership is transformative and improves communication, collaboration, and creates paradigm shifts that improve the general health and protection of the public for Alabama.

The foundational function of the Alabama Nursing Leadership Institute is to continuously provide for and improve competency and education for licensees, nurse leaders, and the public within the state. This will be achieved by:

  • Establishing an educational framework and curriculum plan that provides for training in regulatory standards, nursing leadership, communication, collaboration, and problem solving.
  • Establishing and creating multiple on-line continuing education (CE) opportunities that enhance education and professional development for nurses, licensees, students, nurse leaders, and the public, if indicated. Ensuring that data assists in the development and design of online CE programs designed to close knowledge gaps for licensees.
  • Utilizing patterns in ABN disciplinary data, as applicable, to drive components of continuing education development annually to ultimately improve public safety and eliminate licensee knowledge deficits.
  • Encouraging graduate and doctoral nursing students to participate and become engaged in providing education for licensees and the public in the state.
  • Developing and conducting leadership training for charge nurses, nurse leaders, nursing directors, and chief nursing officers that is transformative to daily practice, and improves public protection.