PLEASE NOTE:  If you fail to renew and/or revert to an SSL license by 4:30 on December 31, your license will lapse, and you will no longer be legally authorized to practice.

MSL reversion to an SSL will result in a one-year renewal period and does not eliminate the requirement of 24 hours of CE during the current renewal period.  You will be required to renew again during the next SSL renewal period, at which time you must have obtained at least 12 hours of CE for the upcoming year.

Advanced practice also will need to obtain at least six (6) hours of pharmacology CE as well as renew the AP approval again during the next SSL renewal period.

  • Regulatory Questions: As always, during Renewal, all nurses must answer a series of regulatory questions relating to legal or disciplinary issues. Answering “yes” to any question will not necessarily keep you from renewing, but every “yes” requires internal staff review and can cause delays. Renewing as early as possible is the best way to get these issues behind you and avoid delays that could result in a lapse of your license.
  • Fees are Non-Refundable.
  • The cost of MSL Reversion to a SSL is:
    • RN or LPN Single State License $103.50
    • AP Approval $75.00
  • We accept debit and credit cards from American Express, Discover, and Mastercard, and if using a prepaid debit card, be sure to include the $3.50 online fee.
  • Demographic Workforce Survey:
    • The ABN requests that you voluntarily answer the survey related to employment and educational preparation.  Your answers are critical to the analysis of current nurse workforce needs in the state, as well as essential to forecasting future needs.